Potters Road Nursery


Potters Road Nursery was established in November of 2004. The company started out by purchasing 60 acres of established nursery stock along with 28 cold frame hoop houses of various sizes. The fields and the houses held a lot of cedars, perennials, various deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees.

In spring 2005 we started planting liners and moving some of the cold frames to our home farm on Potters Road in Tillsonburg. Heading into our seventh year we have 35 acres of stock planted in the fields and container grown product in 18 hoop houses at our Tillsonburg location.
We are continuously working to improve the quality of our product and extend our product line to serve our customers better.
It is our mission to have a wholesale nursery that carries a variety of plants and trees to service all your landscaping needs.